Siding FAQs

Siding FAQs

How long can I realistically expect siding to last on my house?

Most people are under the impression that all siding is the same. However, there are many different levels of quality. The standard rule is, “the cheaper the price, the shorter the life of the product.” At American Home Renewal all of our siding products come with a warranty on the installation, and our product warranties vary based on the product you choose to have installed. All of our products are priced to fit your budget and most importantly your needs.

How much can siding increase the value of my home?

In terms of adding resale value to your home, siding is one of the best investments you can make. In its annual survey of project cost versus added value, Remodeling magazine said, “the highest payback comes from projects that give an older home the same features that have become standard in new homes.” Exterior improvements such as the installation of siding also make a home more attractive on the market. Another point to keep in mind: if, like many homeowners, you add insulation to an older home at the same time you’re having siding installed, you add even greater value and market appeal to your home.

Isn’t it less costly to just repaint my home?

If you plan to move within the next three years, the answer may be “yes.” There are also a transferability of warranty depending on the products selected. This could actually help you in a sales situation. If you plan to stay in your home awhile the calculations begin to heavily favor siding. Compare the ongoing costs of painting every three to five years to a one-time investment in new siding. For most homeowners siding is by far the better long-term value.

Are the new siding materials really as durable as everyone says?

Yes. Whether it is sturdy fiber cement siding or high quality vinyl siding, today’s siding will provide decades of worry-free, maintenance-free protection for your San Francisco Bay Area home. James Hardie Fibercement Siding mirrors the look of wood without the maintenance and upkeep of traditional raw material. It also comes pre-finished with Colorplus® Technology and available in a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

How do I choose a reputable siding contractor?

First and foremost, make an informed decision. Get references and look at previous work. Word-of-mouth recommendations from neighbors or friends who have recently re-sided their houses are an excellent start. You should also ask about liability insurance, customer satisfaction policies and professional credentials. Does the company outsource the installation and control their own scaffolding systems? Is the contractor factory trained in the products they use? Does the contractor take progressing payments throughout the project? We believe the contractor should fulfill their entire agreement without a payment schedule.  The relationship you have with your contractor is extremely important. Choose someone whose skills you trust, someone qualified to perform the task required, and someone you can work with comfortably.

If painting isn’t required, how do I maintain my siding?

There really is no maintenance with our vinyl products, just occasional cleaning. Ordinarily, the cleaning action of rainfall will be adequate to wash your siding. However, the siding should be washed periodically by hosing with a garden hose and clear water, particularly in those areas not exposed directly to rain. If you desire to do a more thorough cleaning, or where high soil collection conditions occur, use a soft-bristled, long-handled washing brush. It attaches to your garden hose and makes washing your siding easier.

Is one season better than another to have my new siding installed?

Not really. You can have your siding installed in any season, as your schedule and budget allow. But keep in mind that some contractors are more available during the off-season. Regardless of when you have your new siding installed, you’ll enjoy the immediate benefits of improved appearance, as well as the long-term benefits of durability and easy maintenance.

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